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Practice Area

CN/US Patent 中美专利申请、授权和诉讼

* Patent prosecution & Response to office actions
* Reexamination
* Patent portfolio assessment, monitoring, and management
* Patent invalidity and non-infringement research and reporting
* Patent litigation and settlement negotiation including 337 prosedure
* Patent licensing & technology transfer
* Patent map & technology innovation consultant
* Patent purchase and sales

CN/US Trademark 中美商标申请、授权和诉讼

* Trademark application & Response to office action
* Trademark opposition
* Trademark portfolio assessment, monitoring, and management
* Trademark invalidity and non-infringement research and reporting
* Trademark litigation and settlement negotiation
* Trademark purchase and sales

CN/US Copyright 中美版权申请、授权和诉讼

* Copyright registration
* Copyright litigation and settlement negotiation
* Copyright licensing (ex. Software licensing)
* Copyright purchase and sales

Trade Secrets 商业秘密保护和诉讼

* Trade Secrets protection and enforcement

* Trade Secrets ligitation and settlement negotiation
* NDA/3N agreement

Contract 合同撰写和审核

* Draft and review business transaction contracts such as NDA, OEM, ODM, Purchase agreements, distribution agreements
* Draft and review employment book, employment agreement, non-competition agreement

Merger & Acquisition and Corporation Issues 投资并购和公司法

* Merger & Acquisition consultant, Due Diligence Research
* agreement drafting including purchase, shareholders and employment agreements
* Corporate incorporation, dissolution, registration, etc.
* Corporate funding, financing, or IPO

* Empoyee Handbook, immigration compliances and visa application for business-related purpose

* Commercial real property transactions

US Import & Export Compliances 美国进出口管制法律业务

* US import & export regulation compliances

Recent Representative Cases 近期代表案件:

* Representing clients in acquiring US entities including aviation companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, IC manufacturers, software developers, and cosmetic companies;


* Representing US and international clients in investments in Taiwan and China; 


* Representing Arima, Acer, MSI and other companies in patent disputes or lawsuits with Samsung, HP, etc.; and,


* Defending multiple IT companies from Taiwan in US courts from anti-price fixing lawsuits brought by the US Department of Justice.