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About Us

    Founded in 1990 by Mr. Andy C. Lai, JD. LAI, CORSINI & LAPUS, LLC (“LCL”) is a Houston-based International law firm which has extended its practice to numerous cities throughout the world including San Francisco, Washington D.C., Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, and Frankfurt. LCL’s team consists of attorneys experienced in, among other areas, US Export Control & Regulations, International Mergers & Acquisitions, Anti-Price Fixing & Antitrust Laws, and Intellectual Property Law.  

    LAI, CORSINI & LAPUS, LLC (“LCL)由法学博士、资深律师赖清阳于1990年创建于美国第四大工业城市,休斯敦。LCL目前在旧金山、华盛顿特区、台北、北京、上海、济南、深圳、东京、首尔、巴黎、和法兰克福等城市均设有分支或者合作机构LCL团队主要由专长美国出口管制与禁运业务律师、国际并购律师、美国公司法律师、反价格垄断及反托拉斯法律师、以及知识产权业务等律师组成。

                                               Advantages of hiring the LCL team


  1. Lingual and cultural advantages

    From years of experience in the practice of law, LCL attorneys fully understand that the single most difficult challenge for a trans-pacific legal practice is not the language barrier but familiarizing our Asian clients with the U.S. cultural and legal environments and, for our U.S. clients exploring the Chinese market, familiarizing those clients with the Chinese cultural and legal environments.

    The LCL legal team includes bilingual attorneys that are fluent in both English and Chinese. More importantly, several LCL attorneys have received legal education and training in both the U.S. and China, and have experience in the practice of law in both countries. The LCL legal team is able to provide our clients with the most effective and direct assistance to address lingual, cultural and legal issues.




  2. Experience in the Practice of Law

    For the last 25 years, the LCL legal team has been providing legal services to its U.S. and Asian clients with great enthusiasm, in areas of legal practice including business entity formations, mergers & acquisitions, asset management and operations, registration and enforcement of Intellectual Property rights and other areas. The LCL team is well-known and frequently recommended for assisting Chinese enterprises in their entry and expansion into the US market, and for its valuable contributions to U.S. entities in entering and expanding in the Chinese and other Asian markets.



  3. Practice areas of the LCL legal team

    The LCL legal team consists of attorneys that are experienced in various areas of law. In addition, to its experienced attorneys, the LCL legal team is supported by an army of long-term ‘of-counsel’ U.S. attorneys, each of which excels in a specific area of practice, such as tax law, litigation, immigration, governmental-relations, etc., and by ‘of-counsel’ foreign attorneys from various countries. With the combination of its attorneys and its ‘of-counsel’ attorneys, LCL is able to provide highly professional legal services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs, at a reasonable cost.



  4. Systematical and reasonable solutions

    The LCL legal team’s ultimate goal is to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our clients. In addition to offering reasonably priced services and timely responses to client inquiries, the LCL legal team values its client’s commercial and professional interests over any other factors in weighing legal options. For example, in multiple lawsuits, LCL attorneys were able to settle the cases through a ‘win-win’ solution by converting the plaintiff-defendant relationship into a buyer-supplier relationship.